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Always Shine

The official trailer for Sophia Takal’s latest feature Always Shine has been released!

“Takal turns every casual exchange into a lunge for dominance, and the movie keeps you flinching.” – TimeOut (10 Best Movies of the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival)

“Takal’s movie succeeds from every angle: psychological thriller, classic two-hander, and a feminist exploration of women’s prescribed roles in Hollywood and beyond.” – The Playlist

Features an original score by Michael Montes.



Charles Bennett is a pioneer in the field of quantum information theory at IBM Research and an IBM Fellow. His work and breakthroughs have shaped our understanding of the relationship between physics and information processing, and contributed many of the basic building blocks that guide experimental work to build a universal quantum computer.

A universal quantum computer can be programmed to perform any computing task and will be exponentially faster than classical computers for a number of important applications for science and business.

Towards this goal, IBM is introducing a cloud-enabled quantum computing platform called the IBM Quantum Experience to let researchers, the scientific community and the public, learn about, and experiment with, a quantum computer to help discover new applications for this technology.

Music by Michael Montes.

King Georges

Michael’s original soundtrack for Erika Frankel’s documentary King Georges is now available on iTunes, AmazonSpotify, etc.

The film follows fiery French chef Georges Perrier’s crusade to save his world-renowned 40-year-old restaurant, Le Bec-Fin, from closing.

“The score is as elegant as the food depicted.”
-Glenn Kenny, rogerebert.com

Keep up with the latest news and screenings on the official King Georges Facebook page.


Detour is a new audio travel guide app for iOS, currently available for San Francisco and soon expanding to other U.S. cities.

‘Detours’ are narrated by locals who know the city best and are carefully chosen to reveal a piece of what makes San Francisco the uniquely inspiring and sometimes confounding city it is.

Check out the trailer, featuring music by Michael Montes.


Applesauce, the new film from writer/director Onur Tukel (Summer of Blood, Richard’s Wedding), will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on Sunday, April 19th.

Tukel serves up an outrageous blend of dark comedy with a dash of noir, horror, and relationship drama in this story of infidelities, confessions, and severed body parts.

Featuring a score for string quartet composed by Michael Montes.


Applesauce2 edit

BBC Earth

Sacred Noise has created a full audio branding package for BBC EARTH, a new documentary channel which seeks to inspire audiences worldwide with the most incredible sights, characters and stories from the natural world. From the smallest creature under the microscope to the limitless expanses of space, BBC EARTH brings viewers face to face with heart pounding action, mind blowing ideas and the wonders of our universe.

Here are the main IDs:

King Georges

King Georges, a new film directed by Erika Frankel and featuring a score by Michael Montes, will premiere at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival on Saturday, April 11th.

The film follows fiery French chef Georges Perrier’s crusade to save his world-renowned 40-year-old restaurant, Le Bec-Fin, from closing.


Wild Canaries

Lawrence Michael Levine’s Wild Canaries opens tonight at New York’s IFC Center and is now available on VOD/iTunes. This screwball indie murder mystery stars Sophia Takal, Alia Shawkat, Kevin Corrigan and Jason Ritter.

Michael’s original score is available on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby.

“Michael Montes’ bracing dub reggae-flavored score nicely enlivens the proceedings, often feeling like a latter-day Henry Mancini.” – Twitch Film

“The music, by Michael Montes, is a consistent source of exhilaration. Here, Levine further underscores his theatrical streak, summoning the muscle of Montes’s compositions at conveniently tense junctures, stamping each close call, jump scare, and bait-and-switch with exaggerated awareness. Elsewhere, the score proves appropriately whimsical, accompanying Barri with tip-toeing keys and jazzy percussion as she chases clues and dodges danger, pursuing the truth in the face of increasing peril for her and Noah’s friends.” – Reverse Shot

“…an inventive dub reggae score by Michael Montes.” – LA Times

“…Michael Montes’ delightfully brassy score…” – Variety






Bill Morrison: Compositions at MoMA

Filmmaker Bill Morrison has spent more than two decades integrating archival footage in various states of decay into new artworks, frequently collaborating with contemporary composers who create scores for the resulting work.

Bill Morrison: Compositions is a comprehensive view of the filmmaker’s work at mid-career, with a full retrospective of more than two dozen shorts and feature films, including screenings of four collaborations between Morrison and Michael Montes: Lost Avenues, Nemo, Ghost Trip, and Trinity.

The retrospective will be held at The Museum of Modern Art from October 14th through November 21st.

Here is the theatrical trailer, featuring music by Michael Montes:

MoMA – Bill Morrison: Compositions trailer (0:30) from Bill Morrison on Vimeo.